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“Harry”  Spaniel Puppy aprox 7 months old male 9 lbs
At only 6 Month old Harry was a rescued from a shelter only because he was so scared and nervous in the there they were going to put him to sleep. Most likely, he was treated poorly in his short life however as soon as his foster mom got him home he felt safe and immediately started cuddling with her and trusting people. He has turned out to be an adorable, loving, smart love bug. He has a foster sister and brother who he loves to play and cuddle with all day long. They explore the yard, chew bones and go on walks off and on-leash. He's almost house broken and is getting better with new people and walking on a leash. Unfortunately, he is still very scared of children. He would be perfect for a couple seeking a second dog who has a small yard for them to play. He is the ultimate cuddle buddy, listens very well and is poised to flourish in a loving home with a more little training and love. He sleeps in his crate at night and has so much love, kisses and cuddles to give


“Teddy” Chihuahua male 7 years old, 5 lbs.

Meet Teddy, this little guy came to us from a shelter where his elderly owner surrendered him after having him since he was 7 weeks old! He is very mellow, house trained, good on a leash but loves to be carried too. Very sweet with adults. No small kids please.  He gets along with cats and other doggies too. He is very quiet, never barks and has good manners. He has only known onw owner and it must have been so scary for him to be given up without warning or reason. He has settled in well to his foster home but is looking for his forever home now. H likes to lounge around on the sofa or his doggy bed. He is really a low maintenance little guy. 

“Sidney” Long Hair Chihuahua/Papillion mix, male, 6.5 lbs, 8 yrs old

Sidney is just gorgeous with the beautiful tri colored coat and the Papillion ears. He is estimated at 8 yrs old but could be younger. He is mellow, doesn’t bark, super affectionate, uses the doggy door. Gets along perfectly with other small dogs. Would be a cuddle bug to just about anyone. He came in as a stray to a high kill shelter and is now in a loving temporary foster home in our rescue. If you would like to meet him please contact Open Arms Rescue for further info.  His adoption fee through our rescue covers him being fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. To learn more about adopting this sweet boy, please go to our site at 

"Babe: Rat Terrier mix female 3 years old, 8 lbs

When Babe lays her head down to sleep at night she dreams of a forever family who can give her the life of love and adventure she has been searching for.

Babe was rescued 
​by Open Arms Rescue ​
with minutes to spare from a high kill shelter in Southern California.  At only 3 years old, she is a vivacious bundle of joy to be around. While Babe  loves to play with her foster siblings, she also loves being around her people and given the chance will sleep tucked up right next to you. ​She would do best in a house with a yard as she loves to run and play. And would make a wonderful friend to another dog.​

Will you make her dreams come true?


 “Mini ” Chihuahua white female 8 years old, 5 lbs

Sweet little Mini, she was dumped at a high kill shelter without a second thought! What a little doll she is. She is affectionate, Good around other small dogs. Loves to be held and cuddled and wow what a great snuggler. She loves to burrow under the blankets and cuddle right up next to you to keep warm. She is good on a leash and knows the doggy door. She would make a terrific lapdog for an adult or older person, just no small kids. She doesn’t bark or make any noise and is just content to sit on her doggy bed or on your lap. She is just thirsting for attention and so deserves the very best forever home!  
“Pepe” Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix male 1 years old, 9 lbs.

Pepe is a ball of fun. He was found abandoned on a friends horse rescue ranch. He is very energetic and loves to play with other dogs. He would make a great play buddy to another small breed dog. He loves to roll around and wrestle with his foster brothers and sisters. Its quite funny to watch! He would do good with a family or an active single person. He has a lot of energy and would prefer a yard not an apartment as he loves to move. Someone that is home a lot and can give him the attention he deserves. Pepe is just a great all around guy and would love a forever home. 
“Pip” Tiny Chihuahua tri color male 3 years old, 4.5 lbs.


Pip is a pocket Chihuahua! He is so tiny and just wants to be carried around. He is shy around other dogs and would prefer to be an only dog as he is very submissive. But around another calm small dog I think he would be fine. He just wants to be be with his human all the time and be cuddled. He would be a perfect dog to a senior person as he is so calm and affectionate. 

"Skyler" Chihuahua,
 7 yrs old male, 5 lbs.

Skyler is a cute little boy who wants to be your best friend. He is adorable and very affectionate.  He likes to be held and so just make some room and he'll join you to watch some TV or just relax.  He is very obedient and is always looking to you for guidance.  He enjoys walking and you will tell because he has a big smile and will stay right next to you even without the leash.  He makes for a great companion and is fun to be around with.   He is totally housebroken.  Gets along well w/other dogs.  He is shy at first but once he gets comfortable he befriends the dogs around him.  Sleeps like a log at night too! Would be great for a couple or a single person.  No small children please as he is very small.


"Athena " Chihuahua female, 10 yrs old, 5 lbs
Athena was rescued in the parking lot of a high kill shelter by one of our volunteers. Her owner was about to walk in and surrender her at the shelter where she probably wouldn't have had a chance to be adopted as they only give them 3 days there. But our volunteer approached the woman in the parking lot as begged her to reconsider while she checked to see if our rescue could take her in. We did and she is happy in a foster home in San Diego. She gets along w/other small dogs, is a little bossy to them, well lets say she can hold her own no problem. We had a full dental cleaning done on her as she had a terrible abscess in her cheek when we got her. She is now happy, healthy, (clean teeth too) and ready to find a forever home. She is active so don't let her age fool you. She plays fetch w/her toys and will run off and hide them too. Chihuahuas can live to a ripe old age of 20, so 10 yrs old is only middle age. :) 

”Cannoli” male Chihuahua 5 yrs old/3.5 Lbs.

Cannoli is just adorable. Tiny tiny little fellow with lots of energy and just loves to be carried around. He loves riding in his “papoose” shoulder type carry bag. I think he feels secure there. He needs to be an only dog as he is very dominant (even though he is so very tiny) towards other dogs. He does get along with his foster sisters and brothers now but at first he was quite dominant. So he would do better as an only child.. Super super people friendly. Very playful. Gives you kisses and loves to cuddle in your lap.

Baxter- Mini Dachshund/Chihuahua male 9 yrs old 9 lbs 

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He is a sweet mellow senior Mini Dachshund / Chihuahua mix. About 9 lbs. He was on the put to sleep list at the local shelter so Open Arms busted him out! Now he is in a foster home and ready to be adopted. He likes his doggy bed, not hyper at all and just wants to be a lap dog. Good on a leash. Does need an adult home as he is afraid of small kids. He needs someone that is patient and will let him come to you first. But with in about a day he is quick to adjust and jump in your lap! Then he is your best friend and wants to be by your side

“Ginger” 6 month old female Chihuahua puppy

Meet Ginger. (born 6/1/14)Very sweet little girl. A little shy at first but then just wants to be attached to you. She was surrendered by her owners to our rescue as their landlord didn’t allow them to keep a puppy. So we are looking for the right home for her. No small children. If you would like to meet her please either contact our rescue or come by one of our adoption events that can be found on our website.


“Leo” Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix , senior male 10 yrs old. 10 lbs

Leo" Pomeranian/ Long Haired Chihuahua mix ,senior male
Meet Leo, a gem among dogs   Leo is about 9-10 years old and a very sweet little boy. He loves to be held and loves having his belly rubbed. He is fine around other dogs and is pretty mellow. He would do best in an adult household or with older kids, no small young children.   He is very affectionate and will stand on his hind legs like a squirrel and pose for you. His silky coat is just so soft. He gets that from the Pomeranian side! He would be perfect for even a older retired person that stays at home or someone that lives alone. He is very mellow!  He loves to cuddle and give kisses.  He loves going for walks and loves toys too.   
“Rosie” Chihuahua  female, 10 yr, 6 lbs

Meet  Rosie a cut little black Chihuahua   female aprox 10 yrs old. Which isn’t old in the world of small dogs. Chi’s can live to a ripe old age of 20 easily!  She is so adorable, gets along w/other doggies and kitty cats too.  Loves walks, cuddles, belly rubs and just lounging around. She would make the perfect lap dog. Very well housebroke. Also knows how to use a doggy door and pee pad trained too! Would love to have a backyard to lay in the sun in or even a little patio area. Would be a perfect dog for a retired person or someone who is home all day and can keep her company  Shes an awesome companion.  She is super warm with all people,  and very friendly.  She will love to relax and watch you all day. whether you're in the kitchen, working in a garden, or just sitting on the couch watching tv.   Rosie will do it with you.  She is totally house trained and easy to take care of.  Please give her a loving home.
“Scruff-a-luff” Schnauzer Mix  female/spayed, 9 yrs old, 25 lbs

Scruff-a-luff was rescued by one of our volunteers from a local San Diego shelter where she wasn't doing very well.  She was shy with the staff and preferred to stay in her crate most of the day.  She is a Schnauzer/terrier mix who is approximately 25 pounds.  Since moving in with her foster family, she has really come out of her shell.  She loves to play in her yard with her foster brothers and sisters.  She runs excitedly to the door the moment the leash and harness comes out.  Scruff loves her walks almost as much as she loves cuddling and car rides.  When she's not busy exploring her yard or riding shot gun, you can find her resting at your feet and protecting her family.  Her foster mommy thinks she is the smartest dog she has ever met!  She squeezed through the fence in her back yard and was last seen several miles from her brand new foster home and managed to come back that very same night on her own, after only having spent one night in her new home with no walks...a true genius!  Her foster mommy jokes and says that her Scruff is smarter than she is!  She is perfect off leash, has never had an accident in the house and knows all of the basic doggy commands (sit, lay down, heal and high five).  Scruff is still a little scared of strangers and requires some time before she will fully trust you.  She will shrink back and flinch if you come at her too fast.  She will do best in a home with adults or older children who are respectful of her abused past.  Scruff will do beautifully as an only dog or as a companion to an existing dog (not a thunder stealer)  If you are willing to open your home and your heart, you will get an extremely intelligent and loyal companion for life in Scruff!  Give her l second chance and you will not regret it!