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"Candy"  Chihuahua  female 2 yrs old, 7 lbs
Hello my new name is Candy and sometimes they call me Dee Dee.  I remember my name was Candy one time before but that was a long time ago.  
One day I was in the car with my mommy and daddy and we went for a very long drive.  Mommy and daddy stopped the car at a truck stop and outside was very very hot (109 degrees).   
When it was time to go back to the car mommy and daddy told me to stay outside and they would not let me back in.   Then they drove away......... I cried and ran after them as fast as I could but the car moved too fast and disappeared 
I found a corner and I sat down for a while because I was sure they would come back.  They never did.........
I felt really really hot and I really wanted a drink but there was no water bowl.  I could not stay awake anymore and so I started to fade asleep.  When I woke up there were people standing around me.  I was scared but mostly I was very sleepy and even though I tried very hard I could not wake up properly.  Something felt very wrong.  I heard people talking and they said that I was going to die
A man picked me up and he brought me to his big big car (long haul cargo truck).  He gave me water from his hands and I tried very hard to drink it but I was weak and could not lift my head up
We went for a very long drive and I could hear the man on the phone asking people to help me.  Several days went by and I started to feel a lot better because the man gave me nice food as we drove together in his big big car.  
One day when we stopped a woman came and she told the man that she would take care of me. (Open Arms Rescue) But where were my family? Why did they not come?  Why could I not just go back home?  Sometimes when I cried I thought that if I close my eyes and wished very hard I could just go back home. What was this place .... this "San Diego"? I went to the new woman's house and it's pretty nice there are lots of other dogs tons of food and I really love my bed
OAR found mommy and daddy (microchip) and called them to tell them that I have made it all the way down to San Diego but mommy and daddy never called back.  
Sometimes when I get to meet new people and I am scared because I do not know if they are going to take me away again or if they are going to put me in the hot sun again.  When I figure out that the new people are nice I give them all of the love I can because I am so grateful that they will not leave me alone by myself again
My mommy and daddy are never coming back for me
I know we don't know each other but do you think that you could ask your friends if they would like to take me home? I am only about two years old and I'm so small I promise I will not take up much room and I would never have any accidents in my new home I promise

 I really do love cuddles and I really do hope that A new family find me so that I can be happy again

"Hazel" Chihuahua  12 yr old female
HAZEL found herself homeless very early in life on the streets of L.A. She lied about her age to become a teenage prostitute, which led to substance abuse. She was eventually befriended by a wealthy individual who enrolled her in a high-end treatment program. Now clean, she moved to San Diego to get away from the big-city temptations. At 12, she's pretty low-key and a real sweetie..............An Hazel then became an actress, she played several small, unknown roles, often playing the sidekick dog to the big star. Then, she landed the starring role in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The money and fame rolled in. From there, she met Tinkerbell Hilton and Bambi, owners of Paris Hilton, and the predictable nights of partying began, including those distasteful paparazzi shots of Ethel (her foster sister) getting out of the limo without keeping her dress down! Well, she met who she thought was the love of her life: Taco Bell Chihuahua. Tequila nights led to all kinds of bad crowds and worse places. Finally, when Taco Bell Dog got fired and Ethel's agent quit calling, they moved to New Mexico, where they started hanging with Gustavo Fring's dogs. It was all the free chicken and meth a dog could want. But, Gustavo disappeared, the dogs ran off, and there was Ethel, alone and toothless from years of hard partying. Tired and with a headache from another long night, Ethel went to get some sunglasses for her bloodshot eyes. Low and behold, she found herself at an eyeglass convention. She met Liz and Ron, and the rest is history. She now does speaking engagements (between snacks and naps) to other up-and-coming chihuahuas so that others might be helped by hearing her story.



"Mia" Smooth Coated Fox Terrier mix, female 3 yrs old, 20 lbs



Meet a true survivor!! "MIA" (previously called Pinto)
Mia was originally discovered by a rescue group in Ensenada living in a terrible hoarding situation,she had to have one leg amputated and can walk just fine on 3 legs!  Mia is about 75% blind yet ........ managed to stay alive despite living in a horrific slum in Mexico where she gave birth to 8 beautiful babies. All of Mia's babies have been adopted and now it is time for her to find her forever home. Needless to say she is an incredibly smart little girl.  She can walk up and down stairs, she knows exactly where the treats are kept and became familiar with the layout of her foster home in just a matter of days. Mia loves people and children, she gets along wonderful with other dogs including puppies (as seen in her youtube video) although she really would not care if she went to a home where there were no other dogs as she would love to get all the attention. 

Mia had been hit by a car and never received care for her excruciating injury. She was never treated for a severe break, leading to a hind leg that is a painful and twisted "stumbling block" she lived with daily.  Open Arms Rescue was contacted by “Ells Son La Razon” Rescue in Ensenada. We were made aware of her condition, and one of our wonderful volunteers offered to foster her here in the USA. 
When our Orthopedic Surgeon examined her he found that the injury is irreparable. Mia needed to have her deformed leg removed ASAP. This was a major surgery, but the relief it now gives hero in terms of pain and freedom of movement will be the cherry on her cake to beginning her new life in the U.S.. 


"Quincy"  Chihuahua mix (maybe some Pug) male 11 months old, 5 lbs

Quincy - 10 months old
Quincy is a puppy who was rescued from the streets of Ensenada, Mexico.  He's cute, he's small, what's not to love? Quincy is a little shy and is looking for the right person to show him love and let him blossom.  He has his whole life ahead of him, and you be lucky to get to spend all those years with him! Just look at those cute floppy ears!  

"Hank"  Chihuahua/Rat Terrier Mix- male 3 yrs old, 10 lbs

Handsome Hank is what they call me. I am about 3 years old and enjoy long walks on the beach and funny movies. I am also a bit of a foodie and would enjoy being with someone who likes delicious meals. ( Though I could stand to loose a few pounds)
I love people, and get along with other dogs and cats, but prefer to be the only dog in your home. I am a real people dog! I really take pleasure in soaking up all the love and attention I can and I want it all for myself. I will stare longingly into your eyes and devote myself to loving you for the rest of my life. Are you the one for me? I love to run and play with squeaky toys too!   

"Casper" Maltese male 10 lbs, senior


Hello, my name is Casper. Everybody tells me I'm a very pretty purebred Maltese. Five years ago my family sent me away and I had to go to a place called "a shelter" and I felt so very scared. All of the other dogs there were barking and shaking and some were very sick. Some days the people that worked there would come and pick out some of the dogs and those dogs would never come back again because they went somewhere called a rainbow bridge

Then one day a rescue took me and I really believed that my new life was going to start and that it would be good. I was so excited! Then I could not believe my luck when a family came along and adopted me. In the beginning it was nice and everybody said that they loved me and I loved everybody in my new family. 

Things changed after a while and nobody seem to care about me anymore
I did not know what I had done wrong. I did not have any accidents in the house and I was always really well behaved but I do not know why they did not like me anymore. Five years had gone by.....I had to spend all of my time alone

My two sisters moved away to college and that left me just with my mommy. Mommy never gave me any more love and I felt very lonely. It was like being back at the shelter and I was very confused and very sad. I just wanted mommy to hold me again and to tell me that she loved me, but that never came. Sometimes I tried to give mommy cuddles but she pushed me away. I started to wonder if the dogs that went to the rainbow bridge place were happier than me

One day mommy took me to the vet and she asked the vet to kill me. I cried a lot
I think the vet must have liked me because he told my mom that he would not do it. Some more time went by, all of which I spent alone. 

Then a little while later, mommy took me back to the vet again and she asked him to kill me too. I think that vet might have liked me as well because he said no again. 

Then mommy took me to a place where there were lots of other dogs (Humane Society). I am not sure if they liked me or not because they said that they were all full. Mommy was very angry and took me back home. 

By then I did want to die and I had wished that the vet had said yes that time,,,,, I thought a lot about the other dogs that went to the place called the rainbow bridge maybe they had mommies there that love them? I'm not sure

Sometimes I asked mommy to hold me and I tried to cuddle her but she told me to go away that she did not want me anymore and she told me to stay away from her because I just got in her way. I had to stay in my crate by myself and I had to stay very quiet so I would not make mommy angry

Finally mommy asked more people to make me go away ......and they took me away (Open Arms Rescue) Now I am in a foster home but I do not know what I did wrong and why I was sent here but as time goes by I think I do want to live and I think I do want somebody to love me. I do not know a lot of things about the world but from what I hear a lot of dogs do get to stay in the home forever because their mommies love them forever

I pray every night that if somebody else comes for me they will not stop liking me and they will not ask people to kill me anymore. I am a very good boy I just want to cuddle and every now and again go for a nice walk. It has been many many years since I have been on a walk but I do remember it was fun. I never fight with other dogs and I really do like children. 

I know I am 13 but I look much younger and I act on younger. I really do want one more chance to have somebody love me...... I am trying hard not to give up on life because I was happy once and I remember how nice that was. Are there humans out there that might want me forever? if you are reading this would you mind looking to see if there are any more of the nice humans left that might want me? I promise I will be a very good boy

Thanks for listening to me 


"Babe: Rat Terrier mix female 3 years old, 8 lbs

When Babe lays her head down to sleep at night she dreams of a forever family who can give her the life of love and adventure she has been searching for.

Babe was rescued ​by Open Arms Rescue ​with minutes to spare from a high kill shelter in Southern California.  At only 3 years old, she is a vivacious bundle of joy to be around. While Babe  loves to play with her foster siblings, she also loves being around her people and given the chance will sleep tucked up right next to you. ​She would do best in a house with a yard as she loves to run and play. And would make a wonderful friend to another dog.​

Will you make her dreams come true?


"Skyler" Chihuahua,
 7 yrs old male, 5 lbs.

Skyler is a cute little boy who wants to be your best friend. He is adorable and very affectionate.  He likes to be held and so just make some room and he'll join you to watch some TV or just relax.  He is very obedient and is always looking to you for guidance.  He enjoys walking and you will tell because he has a big smile and will stay right next to you even without the leash.  He makes for a great companion and is fun to be around with.   He is totally housebroken.  Gets along well w/other dogs.  He is shy at first but once he gets comfortable he befriends the dogs around him.  Sleeps like a log at night too! Would be great for a couple or a single person.  No small children please as he is very small.


“Leo” Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix , senior male 10 yrs old. 12 lbs

Meet Leo, a gem among dogs Leo is about 12 years old and a very sweet little boy. He loves to be held and loves having his belly rubbed. He is fine around other dogs and is pretty mellow. He would do best in an adult household or with older kids over 12. And he would also be a great companion for an older retired person.  Leo is very affectionate and will stand on his hind legs like a squirrel and pose for you. He has a gorgeous silky coat that is low maintenance.  I think he gets that from the Pomeranian side! He is very mellow! He loves going for walks and playing with toys. 

“Scruff-a-luff” Schnauzer Mix  female/spayed, 9 yrs old, 25 lbs

Scruff-a-luff was rescued by one of our volunteers from a local San Diego shelter where she wasn't doing very well.  She was shy with the staff and preferred to stay in her crate most of the day.  She is a Schnauzer/terrier mix who is approximately 25 pounds.  Since moving in with her foster family, she has really come out of her shell.  She loves to play in her yard with her foster brothers and sisters.  She runs excitedly to the door the moment the leash and harness comes out.  Scruff loves her walks almost as much as she loves cuddling and car rides.  When she's not busy exploring her yard or riding shot gun, you can find her resting at your feet and protecting her family.  Her foster mommy thinks she is the smartest dog she has ever met!  She squeezed through the fence in her back yard and was last seen several miles from her brand new foster home and managed to come back that very same night on her own, after only having spent one night in her new home with no walks...a true genius!  Her foster mommy jokes and says that her Scruff is smarter than she is!  She is perfect off leash, has never had an accident in the house and knows all of the basic doggy commands (sit, lay down, heal and high five).  Scruff is still a little scared of strangers and requires some time before she will fully trust you.  She will shrink back and flinch if you come at her too fast.  She will do best in a home with adults or older children who are respectful of her abused past.  Scruff will do beautifully as an only dog or as a companion to an existing dog (not a thunder stealer)  If you are willing to open your home and your heart, you will get an extremely intelligent and loyal companion for life in Scruff!  Give her l second chance and you will not regret it!